Sake – A part of Japanese Culture

As the days grow longer and our smile a little more relaxed, letting go of the time and enjoy the next few days of warmth and laughter, soon arrives. In Japan, Hanami – the art of enjoying the beauty of flowers (mainly ume and sakura) has begun. Whether you are a sake expert or a beginner, we have put a short list of species Sake among each other to get acquainted with friends.

What’s Sake?
Sake is a Japanese alcoholic beverage made from fermented rice, koji (often translated as rice malt and yeast) and water. In Japanese, the word “sake” even alcoholic beverages in general.

How is Sake?
It is a long process, but explained in short, sake is made by grinding rice, wash and dry. Then, a part of the steamed rice is used to koji, to make the yeast derived from rice. After the koji and the remaining steamed rice with water are mixed, and it is then fermented. Thereafter there is more rice, koji and water is added to the mixture, after which the liquor is filtered and bottled.
Below are a few types of sake:
Ozeki Hanaawaka Sparkling Sake
The Ozeki Hanaawaka Sparkling Sake is made using only rice and rice koji mold. This makes it close the perfect choice for the first time sake drinkers looking into the wonderful world of Japanese sake. It is light enough not to overwhelm your senses with taste and smell. This is what makes it great when paired with sushi.

Taru Sake
Taru Sake is an authentic, dry sake distinguished by the fresh scent of Yoshino cedar. This fine, dry sake is allowed to mature in barrels made of the finest Yoshino cedar. The sake is drawn from the vessel and bottled just as the aroma and flavor reaches its peak. The refreshing scent of Taru Sake serves to erase the taste buds by washing away leftover food flavors that are still in the mouth. This sake is used in addition to a large number of Japanese and Western dishes, including spicy foods and foods with a rich, full flavor.

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