Did you know that...Morningstar, the best selling incense for everyday use in the world. Morning Star incense was established in


 Samurai "He who serves"The Samurais came from the "Saburais" guards who practiced martial arts and who assisted the tax collectors.

Maeki Neko

 Lucky kitten (Maeki Neko) is one of the most common items that will keep accident in Japan. The original Japanese


A long time people eat in China and Japan (and other Asian countries) with chopsticks. There used to be


SushiToday, many people eating sushi. But how is itcome about? Yes you know most people do not, but first thingswe

Kimmidoll 2014

KIMMIDOLL NEW COLLECTION 2014Now available at The Oriental Shop the latest Complete Collection Kimmidoll 2019!This year the Mini Maxi Dolls


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